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Empower Better Business Decisions with Digitalization


Using digitalization technologies to change business models and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities can accelerate revenue streams and take your enterprise to the next level. Often referred to as digital transformation, digitalization is more than just making existing data digital. It embraces the ability of digital technology to collect data, establish trends, and enable better business decisions.

With emerging technologies, competition, and value opportunities, more and more companies are seeking digital transformation to capitalize on changing market conditions.

How can you benefit from digitalizing your business? 


The power of the digital thread

A critical component of digitalization, the digital thread provides comprehensive, in context, cross-departmental, linked data sets. Minerva PLM, powered by Aras adheres to the concept of the digital thread as it provides integrated features necessary to store key documents, collect enterprise data; like BOMs, reports, and status updates, and enhances visibility and business intelligence. Documents and data are stored in a secure, digital location, accessible anywhere, anytime from an internet-connected device.

Digitalization is important on an enterprise-level

Manufacturing companies need to build resiliency and agility into their product lifecycle. This requires connecting and capturing data across the enterprise ecosystem so you can flex with the business; digitally enhancing products, services, and customer experiences – before your competitors do.  Company strategy asks for more and more, while legacy systems and processes do less and less. Digitalization affords new opportunities to meet company strategy utilizing smarter systems and processes.

Digital reporting processes 

Collect and analyze real-time data and use these insights to mitigate risk and promote efficiency. Minerva PLM empowers you to utilize these insights and efficiencies from real-time data by tracking issues, running data summaries, and enabling business decisions.

How each role benefits from PLM: 

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Digitalization tools  

Want to learn more about what tools you can use on your digitalization journey?  


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