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Visual Collaboration

Make your cross-collaboration seamless

Scattered product design information can be difficult to find and tends to be unreliable. This situation hurts your product innovation and ultimately makes your company less competitive.

Visual Collaboration in Minerva PLM revives your engineering processes across your entire organization by providing visual substantive interaction with most authoring tools used in the product innovation process. It is the fastest way to collaborate securely across the entire product value chain.



Drive innovation forward across disciplines, organizations and locations

Critical tasks like engineering changes function best when team members can view and discuss the proposal before making decisions.

With Visual Collaboration inside Minerva PLM, teams from engineering, quality and the supply chain can communicate about products more effectively, make decisions quickly and solve problems faster.

Key benefits

Minimize errors, boost productive collaboration, and ensure data integrity with centrally managed design information integrated with the enterprise product record.

  • New design concepts can be reviewed in less time
  • Manufacturing or support issues can be identified and rectified before a product goes into production
  • Customer problems can be reviewed and diagnosed more quickly

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