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Variant Management

Boost efficiency early in the lifecycle

Managing product variants becomes increasingly difficult as diversity and complexity of product makes business processes more challenging and costly. To ease the product variance challenge, Minerva PLM provides a comprehensive variant management solution. It enables product departments to define product architecture and manage variability in one structure, supporting the entire process beginning from design up to the delivery.





Tackle the product variance challenge

To avoid inefficient management, rework, delays and errors, manufacturers need to define their product architecture and manage variability in one structure, such as a BOM, rather than having unique structures for each variant.

Key benefits

Variant management allows integration with existing development processes and environments such as configuration management, requirements engineering, modeling and testing.

  • Define and manage platforms, product lines, product models, and variable items with features, options, and rules
  • View breadth of product portfolio and technical details all in one place
  • Streamline product design processes
  • Adhere to configuration management and change management processes
  • Manage configurable structures that capture variable and static content such as parts or technical documentation
  • Build a configurable BOM and define product variability where it applies

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