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Traceability Matrix

Connect your design inputs and design outputs

Traceability matrix helps you ensure that a project’s scope, requirements and deliverables remain as is when compared to the baseline.

Traceability matrix breaks your requirements and design files down into data elements, which means it automatically creates a relation between your user requirements, design input and design output data and your validation plan. Every change will automatically be updated, enabling full traceability for all your files. 


Ensure adequate documentation

The ability to track a business requirement all the way through definition, design, development, test to delivery is crucial when determining whether you are delivering to the business requirements.

Today, the assembly of design inputs and outputs is typically managed in a static document like a spreadsheet. One document for the design input that is compared against the design outputs, and another document that compares the design outputs with the design inputs

The manual process with manual updating of the document, is both time-consuming and leaves room for error.



Key benefits

  • Track a requirement from conception through to delivery
  • Plan and manage testing and defects better
  • Reduce leakage, wastage of precious resource on non-priority, or simply non-requirements
  • Document adequately and work effectively in a world of integrations.

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