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Test Management

Detect and eliminate defects faster

Many product launches fail because manufacturers push them to launch without a proper product testing process in place. Depending on your product and its intended use, product testing can range from simple to complex, but should always be managed properly. The cost of product quality issues to your business could be exponentially greater than the cost of a few preventative steps.


Improve product quality

Avoid shipping flawed products to market. Test Management capabilities are used to manage test activities to improve product quality. It allows you to plan, execute, and monitor tests and create individual tests for different test subjects.



Key benefits

Test Management in Minerva PLM, powered by Aras enables manufacturers to ship high-quality products to market, offering users test management connected to product data to:

  • Plan, execute, and monitor tests
  • Create individual tests for different test subjects
  • Create and release specifications and scenarios
  • Add test specifications to a test subject
  • Create and execute test runs
  • Vote for each test step as either passed, skipped, or failed

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