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Tag Book Export

Assemble packages with speed and precision

Creating shareable packages of your controlled deliverable structures like the DHF, DMR, Technical File and related structures can often be a very time-consuming and error-prone process. The Minerva Tag Book Export ensures that you can create the package fast with the correct content in the versions.


Communicate clearly with regulatory bodies

Tag Book Export provides you with the ability to create a package of your managed deliverable structures that can be shared externally with, for example, regulatory bodies. The Tag Book Export will create a zip file with a folder structure identical to the managed deliverable structure and automatically add the correct versions of your files to the correct folder.

What are tags and tag books?

Structured categories for e.g., DHF, DMR, and Technical File can be created with Tag books and Tags. A tag is like a file folder that can contain deliverables in a project. A Tag Book is a selection of available tags placed in a hierarchy.

You can structure the tags in a tree-structure, with ‘Parent-Tags’/ ‘Child-Tags’ using a drag & drop functionality. Templates for the Tag Books can be created and attached to projects and project templates. The Tag Books and the Tag Book Templates are versioned.



  • Easy navigation with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Create packages with speed and precision
  • Collaborate seamlessly with regulatory bodies

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