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Systems Engineering

Ensure the integrity of your data

Data integrity is becoming increasingly important for manufacturing companies to secure a successful end-to-end digital management of the product lifecycle. Many companies have already applied a multidisciplinary approach and cross-enterprise collaboration to tackle the increased complexity in product development found in today’s engineering/manufacturing landscape.



Intelligent approach to product development

Minerva PLM offers the possibility to integrate the systems engineering concept seamlessly into the Minerva PLM tool chain. The PLM solution enables you to connect disciplines and enable teams to share data across the enterprise. Break down the barriers and data silos with this modern approach to product development.

Key benefits

The Minerva PLM collaboration platform helps your employees apply structured systems engineering methods to support rapid development of complex systems-based products, increase visibility and simplify management. Take advantage of 20 years of product development processes and experiences and adopt a modern approach to product development.

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