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No Complex License Fees

At Minerva, our goal has always been to build business-ready solutions that add real value to manufacturing companies with a transparent pricing model.

With Minerva PLM, you get access to the most advanced PLM/PDM solution available on the market, at a predictable fixed cost. You get access to all the system capabilities you need. And if you need to add another capability to your solution, you can do so with no additional fee.

In addition, we offer the possibility to upgrade your system when you need it instead of charging an annual upgrade fee. That means you will receive the benefit of a fixed upgrade fee which gives you a predictable cost to be taken when you need it.

Minerva PLM is available on-premise and with a cloud deployment option.


Subscription benefits


  • Lower upfront costs
  • Scalable subscription scheme to meet changing business needs
  • Cloud deployment option
  • Upgrade services including customization at a fixed fee

Detailed Subscription Package

Check what you can get upon subscription