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Minerva Solutions' Roadmap

Here you can find the planned roadmap and release notes for Minerva’s Solutions. The planned dates and planned functionality may change, so remember to check in regularly.

  • Minerva Project Management (rebuilt for Medical Device PLM)
  • Project Template with phases including dates to keep track of the expected length of each phase
  • The end date of a project is automatically updated from the end date of the last phase of the project
  • New identities connected to projects: MDS User, MDS Manager, MDS Admin.


  • Minerva Deliverable Management (rebuilt for Medical Device PLM)
  • Deliverables Matrix rebuilt in a very userfriendly and “less click demanding” way with instantiation options, closing rules, etc.
  • Tooltips in the Deliverables Matrix with information regarding the phases, deliverables, actions to do, etc.
  • The option to inactivate deliverables in a project
  • Improved performance of the Deliverables matrix
  • Tree grid view with advanced filter options and the option to export filtered data to Excel
  • Drag & drop functionality in the Deliverables Matrix
  • The Deliverables Matrix is displayed directly in the Project instead of as an attached link
  • Different icons for phases, child-phases, and deliverables to secure an easy overview of the content of the deliverables matrix
  • Planned Due Dates are automatically added to deliverables when the project is created
  • The 'Health Status' is automatically updated when the deliverables matrix is opened
  • Deliverables Matrix can be exported as CSV or Excel file
  • A related item can be attached to multiple selected deliverable lines in one work step


  • DHF/DMR File Structures
  • Improved DHF & DMR templates.
  • Create a template for Technical Files.
  • Drag & drop functionality makes the creation of templates quicker.
  • The templates are versioned and every change in the template will generate a new version. The old version can always be retrieved.
  • Improved display in the Project of the DHF & DMR Views.


  • Risk Assessment
  • A new feature which can help to identify, analyze, and evaluate hazards and risk factors related to a part/device. Risk Assessment on a part with the calculation of a risk number based on the severity number and a number for the probability
  • View for the part/device with information regarding the four areas: Hazard, Harm, Control (prevention and detection) and Recommendation (actions planned or taken)
  • Attachments can be added to the risk assessment and the risk elements
  • A user-friendly graph view of the Risk Assessment


  • Training Records
  • The Training Records reflects that a certain employee has received the necessary training to perform the tasks/jobs according to the SOP of their role.
  • When an employee has been assigned to a role, the system automatically assigns the employee to the training for that role.
  • The system can handle, that some training might have to be repeated with a certain interval- for example, once a year. The employee will be notified when it is time for training
  • The Training Records provides a good overview (matrix) of the employees and their training according to their role


  • History View
  • A new module that can display the history of projects, risk assessments, etc.
  • The option to compare versions of the select item
  • The history data can be filtered
  • Filtered data can be exported as e.g. an Excel file


  • Extended Risk Change View
  • When a risk change is created, the expected risk value after completion of the change is displayed
  • On completed risk changes, the 'before' and 'after' the risk change is displayed


  • Export of DHF and DMR
  • Export of DHF and DMR includes all files connected to the deliverables


  • Minerva Solution Change Management
  • New ECO which can be canceled
  • Possibility for 'dynamic assignments' on the ECO
  • Redesign of the graphic display of the change




The version is still in planning, but will among other features include the following:


  • Export submissions
  • Export submissions as a file package from the Deliverables Matrix


  • Test Management
  • Create and execute tests for defined item types
  • A result can be added for each step of the test execution, (including comments and images)
  • A PDF report can be created with the test results


  • Minerva Solution Import Tool (rebuilt for Electronic PLM)
  • Import of all ItemTypes, Documents, Relations, and files (including MDV files)
  • The option to compare and cancel an import in the Import Tool


  • Compliance Data
  • Manage compliance data on parts
  • Handle conflict minerals according to EU regulations


  • Structure Compare
  • Comparison of two parts with a display of the differences in their structure and metadata 

This roadmap is NOT a binding commitment for delivery. It rather provides an overview of the products' directions. The development and release of features and functionalities remain at the sole discretion of Minerva and Minerva reserves its right to adjust it at any time.


Minerva Solutions' Release Notes

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