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Combining the Best of Two Approaches

Minerva PLM combines the best of two approaches to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). A strong, feature-rich, out-of-the-box application that enables you to go live fast with best practices and a strong, flexible platform with capabilities to rapidly adapt the solution to special or changing requirements.

Minerva PLM is a proven PLM solution capable of handling the increase of complexity found in modern product innovation and manufacturing. Built upon the resilient Aras Innovator framework, Minerva PLM is a flexible configuration management tool with built-in business-ready solutions for various industries.

How can you benefit from Minerva PLM? 


The power of the digital thread

Minerva PLM adheres to the concept of the digital thread because it contains all the integrated features necessary to store key documents, collect key data, like reports and status updates, and analyze that data for enhanced visibility and business intelligence. All of your documents and data are stored in a secure, digital location, where they are accessible anywhere, anytime from an internet-connected device.

Full product data traceability across the supply chain 

Benefit from a feature-rich solution that enables you to quickly understand the product definition at a certain point in time and take advantage of efficient processes for change management to understand what happened since then and why.

From idea to market termination  

Benefit from the ability to extend the solution beyond traditional engineering product definition both upstream and downstream. Whether toward requirements management or regulatory, operations, supply chain, or aftermarket, it can be tailored to individual needs.

Enable data connectivity  

In a nutshell, companies are drowning in disconnected, isolated data without proper change management and relationships between them. This complex, difficult, and inefficient situation requires a solution capable of finding, connecting, and making sense of the data. Minerva PLM solves this.

Several roles, several benefits


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Save Time with Dedicated Implementation Methodology


At Minerva, we have more than 10 years of PLM implementation experience and several thousand manhours invested in delivering pre-configured solutions to manufacturers across several industries. From this experience, we have created Minerva PLM and developed our own dedicated implementation methodology.

Our methodology is using best practices from the Agile software development framework while applying an iterative and incremental approach to the implementation. The philosophy takes a design and advances it through a series of specification prototypes and reviews to identify areas of improvement. The flexibility of the Aras Innovator platform allows us to easily apply these processes and techniques to deliver an efficient and effective implementation of Minerva PLM, Powered by Aras.


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Architecture and deployment


The software architecture in Minerva PLM is based on an n-tier, model-based service-oriented architecture, built entirely on open web standards. That makes the solution both easy and fast to deploy while still being flexible to allow for configuration and integration with existing technologies and software. 

Flexible architecture

The flexible model-based architecture is designed to be a one-stop-shop for all of your data

Bullet-proof security model

Collaborate securely across departments and enterprises with IP and platform-based protection

In the cloud or on-prem

Both options are available with best-practice security and performance. Whatever you prefer, we can deliver

Detailed Subscription Package


  • Scalable subscription structure to meet changing business needs
  • Empower users without complex licensing structures
  • Cloud deployment option
  • Lower total cost of ownership 
  • Upgrade services including customization at a fixed fee



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