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Minerva Learning Management System (LMS)

Execute training from anywhere

Minerva Learning Management System (LMS) is an application that allows all employees in your company to get access to training from anywhere and is offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. No matter the location, the Minerva Learning Management System makes sure your employees are able to perform their required training.


Adhere to regulatory requirements


As training is a specific requirement from the FDA Quality System Regulation and the ISO 13485:2016, companies in various industries are required to establish procedures for identifying training needs among your employees and ensuring all your employees are trained to need those needs.

Companies will also need to identify how the general requirements for training apply to job-specific training requirements. Each employee should have a training record associated with it and each employee should have their own specific training log too. 

Key benefits


Training – ready and available when you are

Because the Minerva LMS is a cloud-based platform, you have instant access to your training materials in an intuitive and fluent environment. With no waiting times or queues, you are able to perform your training in your own time and execute your examinations when you are ready.

Once an examination is completed, the Minerva Learning Management System will calculate your results and automatically submit the training for validation.

  • Get access to training sessions from anywhere and from any device
  • Learn at your own pace – and when it suits your schedule
  • Efficient workflow makes it easy to follow sessions and progress to examinations
  • Get access to full training history
  • Full manager overview of employee training and examination history

Detailed Subscription Package


  • Lower upfront costs
  • Scalable subscription scheme to meet changing business needs
  • Cloud deployment option
  • Upgrade services including customization



Training Records and LMS – A Powerful Duo


Minerva Training Records module in Minerva PLM, powered by Aras, helps companies track the different training records made by each employee and efficiency retrieve overview reports. In combination with Minerva Learning Management System, organizations can create and manage relevant training, examinations, and planned sessions.


Benefits from combining Minerva LMS and Minerva Training Records Management module: 

  • Fast data retrieval for regulatory submissions
  • Instant overview for managers on employee records, progress, etc.
  • Efficiently execute trainings, examinations, and planned sessions
  • Reduced compliance risks and administrative overhead


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