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Save Time and Resources with Minerva DevOps


Minerva DevOps is designed to optimize the entire way you build and configure, test, and deploy your Aras or Minerva PLM, powered by Aras, environment with speed, quality, and control. The main goal is to shorten the delivery cycle of production functionality or functional changes while improving collaboration, quality, and stability.

Minerva DevOps combines standard software development and IT operations best practices with more than 100 successful Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) implementations across multiple industries for companies of all sizes. We collected our experience of more than 3000 days and created a robust DevOps solution exclusively for use with the Aras Innovator platform.  

The Minerva DevOps tool suite enables administrators and developers to remove manual steps, reduce errors, increase team agility, and scale beyond small, isolated teams.

How can you benefit from Minerva DevOps?


The Minerva DevOps tool suite enables organizations to remove manual steps, reduce errors, increase team agility, and scale beyond small, isolated teams.


Improve code quality with Code Review

You can easily facilitate development team collaboration with Code Review. It is a collaboration tool with direct integration into Gitlab that enables you to synchronously review code and provide/receive feedback.

Submit merge requests, track changes and review edits to the code tree with your colleagues

In this way, your development team are able to increase code quality, find defects, share, find better solutions before merging and sending your code structures to the main development branch.



Improve your way of working with continuous integration

At Minerva, we have developed the concept of continuous integration for Aras Innovator to enable a continuous flow of code test and improvements to ensure.

Step 1 includes the Build Delivery Kit which compiles your solution. If you have a mistake in your code, a wrong character or something that is missing, you will receive a notification to fix the error.

If successful, you will progress to step 2, continuous deployment. The solution will be deployed on a target server or instance to ensure the solution is deployable after changes have been applied.

Step 3 includes the Minerva Test Framework, a functional test tool to ensure the functionalities of the application behaves as expected.


Time & cost improvements

Reduce development time by 40%

Reduce rework time by 80% with continuous integration, and automated testing 

Reduce our deployment time by 90% through eliminating manual work

Learn more about Minerva DevOps in this brochure 

What is included in the Minerva DevOps tool suite?

The Minerva Component Library is a collection of standard functionalities that have proven their worth in previous implementations and can be recycled to fit new Aras Innovator and Minerva PLM, powered by Aras implementations to increase development efficiency and quality of deliveries.

The perceived quality of a project is not related exclusively to the quality of the purchased software, good development code quality is another important factor. Test Framework is one of the best tools to improve development code quality, limiting risks inherent with a human error when writing code, and increases the ongoing knowledge level of development teams.

Minerva Packman eases packaging and deployment for projects on Aras Innovator and Minerva PLM, powered by Aras.

  • The Delivery Kit template is the mandatory skeleton used for delivering a project using Minerva processes.
  • The Delivery Kit provides a standard structure for storing the sources of an Aras Innovator or Minerva PLM, powered by Aras Project (packages, code, scripts)
  • The Delivery Kit also contains a Continuous Integration template, ready to be used on Gitlab.

NuGet is the package manager for the Microsoft development platform including .NET. We use NuGet package to create and share .NET code libraries.

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