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Minerva Data Viewer – Powering Supply Chain Collaboration

Sharing sensitive product information with the supply chain while protecting IP is required by every design and manufacturing company today. Enter the Minerva Data Viewer, a supply chain collaboration tool designed to help our customers easily communicate with external partners.

The Minerva Data Viewer opens and views data packages exported using Minerva Data Export from Aras Innovator and Minerva PLM, powered by Aras. . Note that Minerva Data Viewer does not require partners to use Aras Innovator or Minerva PLM to open and use the exported information.

Exported packages contain the product information required by an external partner to perform their respective role, identify changes to a product, and extract embedded files from the package. In addition, partners can compare versions of parts, files, or products and highlight changes between them with redlining and color-coding.

The Minerva Data Viewer is free to download and use.


Key benefits

The Minerva PLM Documents capability brings product engineering and document authors together in an environment where change can be captured and communicated to all product launch stakeholders.

  • Collaborative partners can utilize Minerva Data Viewer for free
  • Search for data as you do in Aras and Minerva PLM
  • Navigate structures and data
  • Export to Excel
  • Compare revisions with redlining
  • Approved files are embedded in, and extractable from, packages
Download the viewer for free

The download package also contains a sample export package!

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