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Accelerate innovation and time-to-value with Aras  

Aras Innovator Supported by Minerva


Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) manages and supports product data and processes from early ideation through systems engineering or requirements definition, to engineering, transfer to manufacturing, and after-sales support. A PLM system answers questions like:

  • What was my complete product definition (including CAD, BOM, Specifications, etc.) 6 months ago, what have we changed since then and why?
  • What are the internal, external, or regulatory requirements and how have we designed the product to support those requirements?
  • Who tested and validated the requirements have been fulfilled?
  • What is the quality history on this part, product, document, etc., and what has been done to solve quality issues?
  • Where are we in the engineering change process and who are we waiting for?


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What is our relationship to Aras and Aras Innovator?


Note: As of January 2022, Minerva has been merged into Aras and is an Aras company.

Minerva has been the Aras partner who, by far, has done the most implementations on Aras Innovator and has the most customers with an active subscription.

With Minerva, you get a well-defined and proven implementation methodology specifically developed for Aras implementations and exclusive specialty tools to ensure fast, high-quality implementations.



Numbers of Aras implementations done by Minerva

Number of Aras users supported by Minerva

Number of days invested in pre-configured solutions

Man-years experience or more than 600.000 hours working within the Aras domain

Aras Resilient Platform 


The Aras resilient platform is designed to adapt to changing business requirements while never locking users into a specific technology. It is a platform made to be upgraded while maintaining previous customizations and data is secure yet fully transparent.

Aras’ industrial low code platform reduces the amount of code necessary to build applications. By modelling the business and its processes, Aras Innovator creates a data model that supports business rules and data relationships in the easy-to-use UI. Aras’ industrial low-code solution is constructed on a rich set of platform services that builds enterprise applications, all on one platform.

Aras Applications and Framework


Aras and Minerva offer a wide range of PLM software solutions that enable performance-driven companies to improve innovation, collaboration, and coordination on a global scale. Minerva’s comprehensive out-of-the-box applications address a wide range of strategic business initiatives across the entire product life cycle, including Program Management, Product Engineering, and Quality Planning, using Aras Solutions as a platform.


About the framework:


  • Fast and easy to install and configure using standard components
  • Visual configuration
  • User-friendly interface provided through thin clients
  • Simple updates, including  customizations
  • Easy integration using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Flexible and bullet-proof security model



Unique Subscription Package


  • Scalable subscription structure to meet changing business needs
  • Empower users without complex licensing structures
  • Cloud deployment option
  • Lower total cost of ownership 
  • Upgrade services including customization for no additional cost



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Save Time with Minerva’s Dedicated Implementation Methodology


Minerva specializes in the Aras Innovator PLM platform. We have more than 10 years of Aras Innovator implementation experience. That’s several thousand manhours invested in delivering preconfigured solutions to manufacturers across multiple industries. From this experience, we have developed our own dedicated implementation methodology.

Our methodology uses best practices from the Agile software development framework while applying an iterative and incremental approach to the implementation. The philosophy is to take a design and advance it through a series of specification prototypes and reviews to identify areas of improvement. The flexibility of the Aras Innovator platform allows us to easily apply these processes and techniques to deliver an efficient and effective implementation of Aras Innovator.


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