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Learn more about Minerva DevOps in this brochure 

Minerva DevOps


Minerva DevOps for Aras and Minerva PLM implementations

Minerva DevOps is designed to optimize the entire way you build & configure, test, and deploy your Aras and Minerva PLM environment with speed, quality, and control.

The main goal is to shorten the delivery cycle of functionalities in production while improving collaboration, quality, and stability.

10 years of implementation experience in one tool suite

Configure and deploy Innovator like the best!

With more than 100 successful Aras implementations across different industries for companies of different sizes, we have collected our experience of more than 3000 days invested in preconfigured solutions. 

The Minerva DevOps tool suite enables organizations to remove manual steps, reduce errors, increase team agility, and to scale beyond small, isolated teams.


  • Quality – Improved code quality by introducing Code Review. Further, with Minerva Test Framework tool, you reduce regression by enabling regression testing. And CI/CD remove any manual actions and improve repeatability.
  • Way of working – Minerva DevOps tools enable feature-by-feature development in isolation and support local development. You can easily facilitate a bigger development team collaboration.
  • Time & Costs – Reduced Dev time by 40% and Rework time by 80% due to having a code review, continuous integration, and automated testing. We also estimate that we reduce our Deployment time by 90% by eliminating manual work.


What is included in Minerva DevOps tool suite?

  • Delivery Kit
  • Library
  • NuGet
  • Test Framework
  • Package Manager


To get more information about the tools included in Minerva DevOps, send an email to

Learn more about Minerva DevOps in this brochure