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Smart, & Connected Products Requires Digital Engineering Solutions

The footprint of the engineering department in a manufacturing company is significant.

  • Here, parts, products and documentation are created.
  • Potential manufacturers and manufacturer's parts are identified and validated.

"Due to complex R&D and engineering processes, the Total Product Record becomes a convoluted structure containing extensive data and creates multi-leveled product structures that are often accessed from various entry points.

This is the key challenge we address with Minerva PLM, powered by Aras - have one entry point to find and retrieve product-related information like requirements, specifications, datasheets, parts lists/BoMs, drawings, certificates, test reports, and much more."

Controlling this data in a digital engineering solution connects isolated data silos – ranging from network drives to enterprise IT systems – and enables instant access to relevant product and project data. No more wasted time on data search and more time for engineering great products.

Key Business benefits for R&D and Engineering 


Promote collaboration and share product documentation and knowledge efficiently,  without boundaries. Consistent definition and execution of best practices makes processes more efficient and provides teams with reliable and proven work methods in day-to-day business.


Improve team visibility

enhanced visibility and speed product release with email notifications and dashboards. Review changes in context with parts, BOMs, CAD and documents linked to product and quality processes

Ensure interoperability

Gain visibility to ensure interoperability with multidisciplinary engineering designs

Streamline processes

Streamline your release processes and enable ECO analysis to improve cycle time performance across all products

Remove silos between departments

Remove silos between departments and systems to seamlessly release and deliver products to your customers faster

Relevant applications for R&D and Engineering


With a single Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software you can have many disciplines integrated into one system.



Featured customers 


Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Here you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from R&D and Engineering. If you still have any questions, get in touch here

Yes, you can.

The information flow between CAD and PLM systems speeds up the development process, reduces costs, avoids errors in production, and upholds consistency in product quality and fit.

The most common CAD systems we have integrated, include but are not limited to:


Connectors for Mechanical CAD

  • Catia
  • NX
  • Creo Parametric - Pro/ENGINEER
  • SolidWorks
  • Solid Edge
  • Inventor
  • AutoCAD


Connectors for ECAD/EDA

  • Electronic Circuit Board - Schematic Design
    • Altium
    • Cadence
    • Siemens
    • Pulsonix
  • Electronic Circuit Board - PCB Layout Design
    • Autodesk
    • Siemens Solid Edge
    • Aucotec
    • SolidWorks
    • E-plan
  • Electrical Wire/Cable Harness

With Minerva Permissions Manager, you can easily grant and revoke external partner access to product data approved for sharing with each partner specifically. Permissions Manager enables online collaboration with partners by providing secure access to approved data in the system. This way, collaboration can happen in real-time.

Minerva Data Export tool supports offline collaboration where the partner receives an information package extracted from the PLM software in a PDX format. The PDX package can be viewed by downloading the Minerva Data Viewer for free. Each package contains product information required by the partner and offers functionality to compare versions of a product and highlight changes between them.

With Minerva Permissions Manager, the partner has limited access to the PLM software online, while with Minerva Data Export, the external party has access to a package extracted from the system but not the system itself.

With Minerva PLM, powered by Aras subscription, Minerva offers upgrade services including customizations and configurations at a fixed cost when your business needs it.

With Aras Innovator subscription, Aras guarantees and executes regular platform upgrades as part of the subscription including customizations and configurations.

Minerva DevOps is designed to optimize the entire way you build & configure, test, and deploy your Aras and Minerva PLM, powered by Aras environment with speed, quality, and control.

The main goal is to shorten the delivery cycle of functionalities in production while improving collaboration, quality, and stability.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) includes aspects of the business that manage, consume, or use product data. PLM is used to connect, organize, control, manage, track, consolidate, and centralize information that affects a product.

Just as important, PLM offers a process to streamline collaboration and communication between internal and external product stakeholders such as engineering, design, manufacturing, quality, partners, and other key disciplines.

Product lifecycle management is the foundation for the digital thread.

Product lifecycle management (PLM) software provides relevant parties of your complete supply chain with secure access to real-time data.

The most common benefits our customers experience from implementing PLM include:

  • Decrease human error
  • Improve R&D efficiency
  • Faster lead time for product changes
  • More time for innovation
  • Lower costs of non-value added processes
  • Improved quality
  • Faster time-to-market / new product introduction

Two of the most common tools in the enterprise software system toolbox for manufacturers are Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

ERP is a transactional system. It supports transactions on a specific version of product data, updating stock, forecasting, etc.

PLM manages the definition of a product. It is very good at baselining data, versioning data, etc.

Where PLM has its strength in product innovation, product definition, and engineering processes, ERP shows its strength in production planning and sales and invoice tracking, as well as other non-product-related areas such as accounting, human asset management, etc.

Both play an important role for the business, and when properly aligned, play complementary roles to help manufacturers achieve desired business results.


You can read more about the two systems in the white paper "ERP and PLM: How They Can Complement Each Other"

Minerva PLM, powered by Aras is an OEM version of Aras Innovator where Minerva has added solutions and functionality based upon our experience of more than 100 Aras implementations. In addition, we took the standard Aras solutions and preconfigured them so they reflect how the majority of our customers work. Our aim is to provide a PLM system that can be implemented quickly with as little implementation effort as possible while still providing you with the flexibility required to secure the system for future demands that may arise. Minerva PLM is targeted for the mid-size market (50-1000 users).

Technology depreciates. To stay current and not fall technologically behind, system upgrades should be done periodically.

How often these upgrades should be done is a rather individual decision. There are multiple factors influencing this decision like are the latest released features and capabilities relevant to our business; how well the organization has adapted to the software; how significant is the change over the current version; do you need to upgrade so close to the implementation completion; etc.

The flexibility of the Minerva PLM, powered by Aras platform is designed to have business-specific requirements built into the solution while still offering the ability to upgrade at a fixed cost when your business needs it.

With Aras Innovator subscription, Aras guarantees and executes regular platform upgrades as part of the subscription including all customizations.

Here you can find the planned roadmap and release notes for Minerva’s Solutions. The planned dates and planned functionality may change, so remember to check in regularly.

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