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Unlock the Full Potential of the Enterprise!


Maximize revenue growth by unlocking opportunities across the value chain to achieve faster new product introduction, reduce overhead costs, and innovate new Product as a Service (PaaS) opportunities that expand and monetize your service offerings.

With Minerva PLM, powered by Aras, you are headed in the right direction to ensure your teams are working at top capacity. As a result, the sustainable competitive advantage created makes your revenue soar.

Key business benefits of PLM for Management


Efficient, smooth collaboration is the key to developing sophisticated products and coordinating complex processes. With the principle of a single source of truth, your employees access the same information and share their knowledge throughout the company. This accelerates work processes and minimizes search and archiving efforts.


Reduce risk with proactive visibility

Provides data analysis and deep insights to measure product development and supply chain process performance. Helps you analyze your processes and assess risks to drive responses and actions

Optimize your business with real-time data

Create reports and metrics that refresh as the underlying data changes. Eliminate manual collection of data as well as labor-intensive custom report creation

Increase revenue, decrease cost and time to market

Increase revenue, decrease costs and time to market = become more efficient

Identify new business models

Identify new business models and implement them in an agile manner

PLM Architecture and Deployment


The software architecture in Minerva solutions is based on an n-tier, model-based service-oriented architecture, built entirely on open web standards. That makes the solutions both fast and easy to deploy while remaining flexible to allow for configuration and integration with existing technologies and software. 

Flexible architecture

The flexible model-based architecture is designed to adapt to your future needs in solving business changes and processes

Bullet-proof security model

Collaborate securely across departments and enterprises with platform-based protection

In the cloud or on-prem

Deploy where you want, when you want with best-practice security and performance. Whatever you prefer, we can deliver

Relevant applications for Management


With a single Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software you can have many disciplines integrated into one system.



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