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Solution and Process Training for New and Experienced Users

Welcome to Training!


Whether you are starting with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for the first time or are an experienced user, we help improve your teams knowledge and enhance their skills.

We offer standard and custom training courses and workshops for Minerva PLM, powered by Aras, Aras Innovator, and Minerva DevOps. Standard training includes courses for internal development and support staff. Custom training and workshops are specifically designed based on your deployment to enable users to quickly meet an organization’s specific requirements for using the solution based on their role and specific tasks

Who should participate 

Admins, developers, and users new to Minerva PLM or Aras Innovator and those looking to refresh or improve existing PLM skills while deepening their knowledge should attend. In addition, special courses are available for teams using Minerva DevOps.

What is included

Training classes combine lectures, written materials, and videos with hands-on exercises and labs enabling attendees to get the most out of training. Each class covers elements  required to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Where do you have it 

Training classes are offered both virtually and physically at the customer site or Minerva HQ.

Learn more about your training options

Our team will be help you identify which is the best training for your individual needs. 

General Aras Innovator classes


With Aras standard training classes, you join peers from different organizations looking to improve their Aras Innovator knowledge and skills. Aras classes are offered worldwide and cover standard solution, administration, and configuration/development topics.


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