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From Launch to Upgrade and Everything in Between

Welcome to Minerva Support!


A Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) project is considered successful not once the system is live, but when all users make the best out of the solution and improve their daily work productivity.

At Minerva, we know how important is to have support after the implementation phase and have made our support resources available to you whenever you need assistance.

Explore our tutorial videos, integrated help menu, documentation, blogs, white papers, subscriber portal, FAQ, and other materials for self-guided support. Or visit our support center for hands-on help.

What’s included with Minerva Support?

Dedicated, full-time support staff and ticketing system

Assistance with installation of DEV, Q/A and PROD environments

Patch identification and optional implementation

Upgrade process assistance

Assistance with finding and resolving data formatting issues

Troubleshooting errors

Communication and coordination between Subscribers and 3rd parties like CAD Aras and CAD integrations purchased through Minerva

Support is in close contact with the Minerva implementation teams and familiar with Subscriber environments and use cases.

Contact us for more information