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Minerva Benchmark Program

Executives from leading manufacturing organizations state improving their product development processes is a top priority this year. The pandemic uncovered multiple areas for improvement where companies can reduce costs, shorten time-to-market, and overall increase revenue while supporting remote work.  

What are your organization's potential areas for improvement? Why not have your existing processes compared and benchmarked against industry best practices and regulatory process classifications by top leading professionals in the field.

At Minerva, we know the importance of challenging business practices and processes when engaging with our customers. By encouraging an organization to look beyond established procedures, we generate better efficiency that may lead to the discovery of new services or business models that could provide new revenue streams.


How we benchmark


Minerva works together with you to evaluate current processes, identify improvements, and analyze how you can evolve from the current state to the desired state. Through the combination of our proprietary methodology that goes well beyond the surface and includes regulatory and trade requirements,  our benchmark program delivers insight and actionable results.

Our experience and insight originates from decades of experience working with large, global manufacturers to start-ups. We include details and best practices from our customers, with permission, as well as other companies who provided input and feedback to help raise the bar of discrete manufacturing across the globe. Our in-depth process works regardless of which digital tools (PLM, PDM, ERP etc) are used by the company or provided by Minerva. Take advantage of our process excellence benchmark and see what your organization can achieve.

Find more about how to get your existing processes compared and benchmarked against regulatory process classifications

What can you expect?


You will receive a professional assessment from a Minerva consultant to understand your current state of process performance and efficiency, including:


  • Compare your current product-related processes against best-in-class process standards
  • Compare the current state of your company against best-in-class companies
  • Understand what you need to get your processes from their current state to the desired state
  • Understand why you need to improve to get closer to a best-in-class state or set a new standard


The goal of this assessment is to pinpoint actionable areas to improve the current state and design a roadmap towards reaching the desired state.


Why participate in the program?


  • Benefit 1- Get an independent perspective about how well you perform today vs optimization areas to achieve best-in-class practices
  • Benefit 2- Drill down into performance gaps to identify processes and practices for improvement to cost, time, collaboration, and speed
  • Benefit 3– Enable a mindset and culture of continuous improvement

Don’t fall behind the competition!

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