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Risk Management

Control hazards and harm before they become a problem

The failure to adequately evaluate, prevent and minimize the risk of hazards and harm caused by a company’s product can ultimately lead to serious injury, or even death, and catastrophic consequences for the company.

The Risk Management capability in Minerva PLM provides the functionality you need to manage risk as part of the product development lifecycle, including Risk Assessment.



Be prepared

It is imperative for companies to be able to effectively identify all the risks involved in using the product and have done their upmost to mitigate those risks before the product enters the market.

With Risk Management in Minerva PLM, companies can both analyze, evaluate and control risks in a structured workflow.

  • Identify hazards and risk factors that can potentially cause harm
  • Analyze and evaluate the risks associated with hazards
  • Determine ways to eliminate the hazards, and if a hazard cannot be eliminated, then determine a way to limit the risk of the hazard happening

Key benefits

  • Improve system reliability, decreased maintenance and products with predicted cost of ownership
  • Automatically generate and map dependencies from product architectures
  • Enables you to design products for support rather than being dependent on feedback from the field.