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We have selected some of the newest and most relevant white papers out there for you.
Take advantage. Discover new practices for improving your production processes and putting order in your data handling system.

The Business of Engineering in Medical Device

The case for Integrating MBSE and PLM for medical device manufacturers

MDR and Medical Device PLM

How to prepare your clinical data for the EU MDR

Design Control in the Medical Device Industry

Design Control in the Medical Device Industry

Today’s leading medical device companies streamline compliance by integrating regulations into product development and throughout design. Read how your company can benefit from streamlining compliance.

Minerva and Aras Address Medical Device Challenges

Minerva and Aras Address Medical Device Challenges

Learn how Aras enterprise open source PLM addresses the challenges Medical Device companies face, optimizing the product lifecycle from product concept to retirement.

Lean Product Development

Lean Product Development

Learn how to achieve breakthroughs with LEAN product development and understand the business software solution advantages Aras provides to attain faster development cycles with lower costs.

Managing a total Product Record in the Electronics industry

This white paper highlights the challenges organizations have while working with product data that is scattered. It further shows how can be established a
single source of product data with full traceability and transparency

Model Based Enterprise SOA Benefits & Advantages

Learn about Aras Innovator's proven enterprise application framework for PLM: a model-base service-oriented architecture [SOA]. Because of this advanced technology Aras delivers highly flexible and secure enterprise PLM business solutions without complex programming.

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