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Requirements Engineering

Tackle the rising complexity of products and systems

Many companies struggle with digital transformation because they rely on a combination of standalone requirements management tools and monolithic documents. With powerful capabilities for complex systems engineering planning, development and realization, Requirements Engineering creates a single, multi-discipline requirements hierarchy, enabling end-to-end traceability across complex configurations.




Transforming real-world problems into digital solutions

Companies need an aligned technology that will accelerate their time to market by establishing traceability between different requirements types and related design artifacts and manage the related configurations on a single platform.

Requirements Engineering is the right platform for linking requirements to your product and engineering data because of its ability to establish and maintain requirements to platform-managed items and structures across all engineering domains.

Key benefits

The Requirements Engineering solution in Minerva PLM is a next-generation solution for managing requirements inside an enterprise PLM system.

  • Ability to reuse requirements and content elements in various configurations
  • Improve timeliness, cost control, and quality
  • Allows bi-directional traceability between individual requirements and various design artifacts across all design domains and their lifecycles
  • Requirements specification is compliant with defined formats and rules

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