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Generate business intelligence data with ease

Often, the process of retrieving data from a PLM system can be a long drawn, time-consuming task. With Minerva PLM you can configure and create new reports easily, helping you provide visibility and insight into projects, business processes and issues.




Delivering visibility

The reporting capability inside Minerva PLM is powered by the Aras Self-Service Reporting tool that allows any user to configure new reports, add tables and graphics for visually enhanced reporting, and output and share the report in multiple formats.

Key benefits

The reporting capability enables you to get a high-level overview of status and progress, so you can identify potential bottlenecks and issues.

  • Configure new reports easily
  • Draw on data to support business decisions
  • Combine tables and graphics for easy data interpretation
  • Improve management reports with visibility over status and progress
  • Reports can be shared in multiple formats
  • Share insights across teams and improve collaboration

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