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Managing a Total Product Record in the Electronic & High-Tech Industry

Quality Assurance in Electronics & High-Tech

Overwritten product data and missing or incorrect changes after sign-off are typical challenges companies face when lacking a solution for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

Minerva PLM, powered by Aras enables management of product-related data in one connected, traceable system. Processes are implemented that enable transparency and understanding, increasing accuracy in change and shortening change cycles. Data is updated correctly and moves to the next step or state automatically as processes are completed, alerting stakeholders in real-time.

Structured processes support change, problem reports, Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA), and more, reducing costly errors. Minerva PLM electronic workflows provide automated procedures that prevent data from changing without proper approvals and alerts, going through standards-based or company-designed processes.

Additionally, electronic processes and traceability in product data/processes provides visibility that reduces time spent in finding out what has happened, what is currently happening, who we are waiting for, and more


Minerva PLM for Electronic & High-Tech in-depth:

As product complexity increases alongside reliance on extended supply chains, the complexity of managing change processes and communicating change status across the value chain increases as well.

Ineffective or poorly managed change processes leave companies struggling to improve quality, reduce time-to-market, and manage costs.

Minerva PLM’s industry solution for Electronics & High-Tech, allows engineers and relevant stakeholders controlled access to product information as changes are executed. This makes the analysis phase of changes much easier, less time-consuming, and more reliable. Product data and documentation automatically update when the change is released, making new data instantly available without requiring manual distribution.

  • Improves Engineering Change Order (ECO) cycle times
  • Reduces errors, delays, and scrap and rework
  • Improves product quality and reduces costs
  • Avoid delays in product launch
  • Faster response to customer requirements
  • Improves customer service

During the lifecycle of a product, many documents are created containing critical information that needs to be shared. Creators and consumers of these documents are usually spread across multiple functions and locations making the management of these documents, in context with their product data, a significant challenge.

  • Easy access to critical documents reduces unnecessary errors and delays
  • Secure online collaboration supports global product development and supply chain collaboration strategies
  • User authentication and access management increases control over critical intellectual property
  • Go beyond file management with linked product data for context and drill-downs, taking document management from task to decision making asset
  • Integrate your templates with authoring systems like Microsoft Office Suite to enable automatic user updates and inherent document control
  • Ability to include documents in PLM processes increases engineering efficiency

By having linked information at your fingertips, visibility improves across the entire organization including supply chain partners.

The Minerva PLM, powered by Aras industry solution for Electronics & High-Tech provides digital processes to enable proactive quality assurance which increases overall efficiency, minimizes risks, and enhances product innovation.

With our digitalized, integrated solution, globally diverse companies can identify and resolve quality issues at the earliest possible stage. By embedding and utilizing analytical data throughout the product lifecycle, companies can support higher production rates, reduce the cost of goods, and achieve more efficient regulatory-driven control processes. The likelihood of adverse events or product recalls can also be dramatically reduced, if not eliminated entirely.

Minerva PLM for Electronics & High-Tech provides a system that identifies and improves areas currently resulting in time-to-market inefficiency, product requirements failing regulatory specifications, and inaccurate information flow.

  • Reduce risk by exposing potential quality issues and defects before product release
  • Increase reaction efficiency to quality issues when they occur and drive product changes to improve future releases
  • Manage compliance from product design through delivery
  • Save money, improve product quality, and meet customer requirements by integrating quality management with product development and process planning
  • Streamline quality management and improve productivity of quality management personnel by maintaining consistent quality processes across product lines and the supply chain

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