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Project Change Management 

Capturing project baselines is not just a matter of having a freeze of a project plan and its work break down structure. In order to have a true project baseline that fulfills the requirements for traceability, your baseline must also provide you with access to exactly the version of the project deliverables that were the valid ones at the time of the baseline.

Making sure that when you open a project baseline and navigate to the deliverables of that project, the baseline will show you, and give you access to the version of the deliverable that was valid at the point of baselining. The complexity of doing this the correct way makes it virtually impossible to do this manually, and an attempt at it is time-consuming and has a high risk of inconsistency and errors.

The project change management feature in Minerva PLM creates a link between the process and the data and automatically manages your baselines.

Manage changes with a workflow process with signoff control.


The Project Change Management feature manages two types of change within a project - Gate Review and Design Review. Gate Review is used to move a project through its different phases until it is finished and Design Review is used to change the definition of an already finished project or a project that is in-between phases.

Key benefits

  • Avoid delays in product launch, improve product quality, and reduce production costs
  • Accurate project update status
  • Faster documentation retrieval
  • Improved visibility
  • Decreased risk of error

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