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Innovation platform

You can choose to use Aras’ full suite of PLM applications, or you can use it to complement and extend existing PLM/PDM applications. In both cases, the Aras Platform will be the central backbone for product data and processes.

The critical differentiator that enables Aras to be this backbone is the Platform Modelling Engine and the Open Architecture which enables modelling of complex connected processes and data structures, as well as advanced interactions with other applications.

Application Framework

  • Easy and fast to install and configure using standard components
  • Visual configuration
  • User friendly interface provided through thin clients
  • Simple updates, including all changes
  • Easy integration using SOA
  • Flexible and bullet-proof security model
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Open Architecture

Openness is critical to the long term success and sustainability of Aras' PLM/PDM systems. To enable true interoperability, portability and extensibility they provide an open architecture which features open software, an open data model, open interfaces and use of open Web standards.

Aras is an n-tier, model-based service oriented architecture (SOA) built entirely on open web standards composed of web clients, application servers(s), database(s) and file vaulting servers(s) based on standard Internet protocols including HTTP/HTTPS, XML and SOAP.


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