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How to manage a total product record in a more efficient way?

Product Management in Medical Device

In a heavily regulated industry, it has never been more important to ensure that your medical device products meet industry standards. That is why it is critical for medical device manufacturers to document that products are created using structured, repeatable, and controlled processes to ensure quality and regulatory compliance. 

Medical device manufacturers can benefit from a solution that enforces regulatory-compliant manufacturing operations while enhancing the ability to define, schedule, execute, and assure manufacturing processes that optimize quality and efficiency.


Minerva PLM for Medical Device In-Depth:

Medical device product development is a highly integrated and regulated process. Implementation of solution-based requirements tracking requires attention to a variety of nuanced topics.

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It all starts with the requirements.

In order to ensure the safety and security of your customers, your products and services must meet regulatory demands. Medical Device PLM allows your organization to trace requirements throughout the product lifecycle.

The change management process includes all relevant data including the requirements linked to the data that is being changed,  allowing your teams to make the right decisions based on the most up-to-date product data.


Minerva PLM for Medical Device:

  • Works across systems and functional boundaries such as ERP and provides access to mechanical and electronic designs, software, requirements, technical documentation, process plans, and quality documents.
  • Leverage and extends your existing investments in ERP, PLM, and MES through application mashups.
  • Rapidly prototype and deploy medical engineering applications that monitor, manage, and control connected devices.
  • Engineers independent and secure connectivity between devices.

Without a complete, digital Bill of Material (BOM), teams across your organization will feel the sting of increased costs, decreased product quality, and delayed time to market. Minerva PLM for Medical Device, Powered by Aras enables you to adopt a parts-centric approach to managing your BoM with a single source of truth to all product data across your organization. Experience true closed-loop lifecycle management from early concept through all iterations, design cycles, and stages until your product is fully released.


Minerva PLM for Medical Device:

  • Allows hardware and software deliverables to be structured in the same composite Bill of Materials (BOM), ensuring accuracy at critical hand-offs like Engineering to Manufacturing.
  • Enables multiple engineering disciplines to collaborate with one another in design reviews and adhere to the same change management processes.
  • Enables traceability. It means anyone connected to the platform can select a part and instantly view the related CAD model, requirements, change history, manufacturing execution data, and in-service field data.
  • Supports devices throughout the entire lifecycle by re-using data and connecting it via digital threads to quickly respond to inquiries during regulatory reviews or sustaining incremental engineering changes.

The average engineer loses 25% of their time to data management. That’s time wasted searching for files, recreating data, updating systems, and answering requests.

Minerva PLM for Medical Device, Powered by aras makes data management easy with a single view of the latest multi-CAD and product data. Securely share more consumable data with non-engineering colleagues through role-based, self-service applications, and 3D visualization technology.

Now available in the Cloud, Minerva PLM for Medical Device removes your burden of data administration and lets you get back to design.

Have a look at how more than 2 decades of knowledge are packaged in one place! 

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