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Permissions Manager

Many companies are becoming more and more reliant on their supply chain, and need to be able to manage access to documents and related product data. Communicating the status of changes across groups and departments inside the organization as well as to external partners without compromising data security is becoming a serious challenge.

Access to product data for external partners is something that needs to be easy to both grant and revoke. If it is a cumbersome and complicated process to set this up, you risk losing valuable time during your development or change process.


Manage access and improve security

With Minerva Permissions Manager, you can easily grant external partners access to product data that has been approved for sharing with them specifically. It enables you to improve data security and availability to validated users inside as well as outside of your organization.


Key benefits

  • Maintain security policies enforcing permissions on folders according to business policies.
  • Centrally manage delegates easily and efficiently
  • Improve collaboration and visibility

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