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Microsoft Office Integration

Bring organizational structure to your Excel & Word documents

Microsoft Office is one of the most used tools to get the job done around the world.  But typically, Office documents are not connected with the product record, and often, documents are not updated, get lost, or even worse, are accidently deleted.

Minerva PLM brings order to your Office documents by using all the benefits of PLM. Manage documents while working inside your preferred Office environment and give administrators the tools to control documents, naming, templates, administer security and much more.





No more document chaos

The Office Connector extends the benefits of PLM to Excel, Word, and Outlook. Users can manage documents while working within the familiar, easy to use Microsoft environment.

Additionally, Office Connector provides administrators with capabilities for document control, security, naming, templates and more.With Office integration, you get easy access across the enterprise to critical documents and reduce unnecessary errors and delays.

Key benefits

Minerva PLM ensures that you have easy access across the enterprise to your critical documents with full traceability of the document lifecycle stage.

  • Complete document lifecycle management, versioning and user access control
  • Ability to include Office documents in all PLM processes increases engineering efficiencies
  • Document classification is based on document type
  • Documents are automatically given a number and a name and are linked to related items like parts and projects.

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