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Non-revision Controlled Properties

Revise With No Compromise 

Adding several revisions to a part or a product document is a natural activity during the design stage, but several revisions create duplicate versions of product data with little traceability and a lot of rework.

With Non-Revisioned Controlled Properties you are able to avoid duplicate revisions by modifying properties on a released item without creating a new revision of that item. This can be useful if e.g., you want to make a small alteration in the description of an item, or you want to change the production state of an item from ‘Released’ to ‘Obsolete’.


Revision Control Made Easy

This capability also adds an extra layer of security to your revision control.

With Non-Revisioned Controlled Properties you can manage on which properties the modification is allowed, and which users have permission to do the modification. An object with a reference to an item type and a property of that particular item type is created.

These properties are defined by the system administrator and can follow any business logic.


  • Avoid duplicate revisions and corrupted product data.
  • The Non-Revision Controlled Properties on a part or document can be modified without creating a new revision of the product that contains the part/document.
  • Maintain changes to descriptions, correct spelling errors, and the like without initiating a change process while maintaining history.

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