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Eurostep’s Peter Aronsson to join Minerva Group

Together with Aras Corporation and Essig PLM, Minerva Group are joining forces with Medtronic to bring more ventilators to American patients in the battle against COVID-19. 


AARHUS, DENMARK – MAY 7th, 2020 

We are supporting the production of additional ventilators by providing our product documentation management software free of charge to manufacturers.

Our software application provides users to better manage the entire design- and production process and provides an overview of the vast amount of product documentation, including components and parts. Lastly, it ensures that regulatory restrictions are being adhered to.

By providing our software free of charge, we enable manufacturers to understand the vast amount of documentation faster, manage the production process more efficient, and thus helping them to produce more ventilators faster.

Background information:

The world-leading manufacturer of medical devices, Medtronic, has released the design to its ventilator Puritan BennettTM 560 (PB560) free of charge, which means that every manufacturer can start to produce more ventilators to American patients.

Read more about the initiative here: