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Octopart and Minerva announces partnership

Octopart and Minerva are entering into a partnership to offer customers a combination of powerful search engine for electronic components in a flexible & business-ready configuration management software solution.



Octopart and Minerva today announced a partnership to integrate the Octopart search engine for electronic components with Minerva PLM, a business-ready PLM solution for various industries. 

The partnership intends to offer customers an end-to-end PLM solution with the most powerful search engine for electronic components and industrial products. The future solution simplifies component selection, approval, sourcing, and compliance processes and offers instant access to reliable, up-to-date information in an intuitive, powerful solution.

Dan Schoenfelder, CEO of Octopart was delighted to say “Partnering with Minerva allows Octopart to help engineers solve complex design challenges in today's fast paced market by making component information more accessible in Minerva’s industry leading PLM architecture.”

“Octopart and Minerva share the same company DNA. Both have a fantastic product, an agile way of working and combination of greatly talented and skilled employees. Partnering with Octopart felt natural to us,” says Asger Thierry, CEO of Minerva Group.


Easy access to component libraries

Managing components without the right tool can make the job rather time-consuming and difficult. While traditional search engines in some cases can be useful for finding documentation, they lack the context and depth of a vertical, specialized solution. 

Octopart and Minerva PLM offers a component engineering tool with vertical solution features such as basic and parametric search functions, instant access to attributes, technical data, CAD models, datasheets and much more.

“This partnership is great for our customers because it allows them to have access to critical component data like pricing, inventory and other critical values directly inside their PLM system. With the strong search functions from Octopart, our customers are able to save time, increase efficiency and productivity, and reduce regulatory and supply chain risk,” says Thomas Skogen, Product Director at Minerva Group.

He continues:

”Octopart is used by many of our customers, so naturally I am delighted about the partnership. Octopart has the best search functionality on the market that offers the full scope of product data and helps our customers save time and money by driving component reuse, control costs and reduce the risk of single-sourced purchasing by working with preferred suppliers,” says Thomas Skogen, Product Director at Minerva Group.


About Octopart

Octopart is the preferred search engine for electronic components. Our mission is to be the most trusted, comprehensive, and accessible part database in the world for anyone and everyone who works with electronic parts data. Today, millions of engineers, scientists, and sourcing professionals use Octopart tools to quickly access a comprehensive, up-to-date library of electronic part data to aid their work from the beginning of a design through fabrication. 

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About Minerva

With many customers worldwide, Minerva Group is one of the most flexible and fastest-growing vendors of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software solutions globally. Our core competence of providing manufacturing organizations with tools for managing product development throughout the complete value chain supports them in their pursuit of process efficiency and flow of collaboration.

With our new PLM software solution, Minerva PLM powered by Aras, we help our clients to speed up the implementation process and provide them with the means to support their constant growth. Minerva is a Gold Certified and OEM Partner of Aras and we continue to implement and resell the Aras Innovator suite of solutions.

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