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Minerva in DACH

Minerva expands global operations to the DACH region

The expansion will support the growing demand for Minerva’s Medical Device PLM solution from companies such as Dräger Medical, Haselmeier and Weibel CDS.

Hamburg, Germany and Aarhus, Denmark - March 22, 2019 - Minerva Group, the leading partner for the Aras Innovator Enterprise Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) software, today announced expanded operations in Germany.

Minerva is experiencing a massive increase in the demand for their Medical Device PLM solution on the German market. With growing teams and dedicated offices in Hamburg and Munich, this expansion is a response to support the growing demand from medical device companies such as Dräger Medical, Haselmeier and Weibel CDS.

Medical Device PLM is a dedicated PLM solution for medical device companies from Minerva built on top of the Aras Innovator PLM solution. Medical Device PLM offers industry-specific functionalities for medical device companies on a subscription model with no complicated PLM licenses.

Leading companies throughout the world, including Fujifilm, Carestream, Teledyne and Bausch & Lomb rely on Minerva Medical Device PLM to improve time to market, reduce costs and maximize profitability.

 “With Medical Device PLM, we provide our customers with a solution that drastically improves the way they manage their product data and the traceability between data and process. With Medical Device PLM, our customers get a solution that out of the box supports automatic creation of DHF/DMR, automatic baselining of data, Risk Management, Traceability Matrix, just to mention a few key areas,” says Thomas Skogen, Product Director at Minerva Group.

”The demand for digitalising the Medical Device companies complex processes has been very strong in Europe, especially in the DACH region wherefor we are pleased to increase our investment in the region. Medical device companies throughout the region, recognize the domain knowledge and value of the Minerva Medical Device platform and the business model. Our customers are able to significantly reduce the risk and cost of optimising the processes while enjoying industry-specific features and a competent partnership with their provider,” says Asger Thierry, founder and CEO of Minerva Group.