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Minor Revision

Avoid creating too many document versions

Managing Engineering and Manufacturing releases for the same part type can be tedious if you only have the option to create major revisions because it automatically creates a new document version.

But not all changes require the creation of a new document version. By having various revision schemas to cover engineering release versus manufacturing release for the same item type, you are able to add smaller changes without adding additional versions to your document library.


Control changes with agility and speed

While there is only one type of revision - Major Revision - inside the Aras Innovator solution, there is another option in Minerva PLM, Powered by Aras. Here, you also have the option to choose ‘Minor Revision’ for parts.

The ‘Minor Revision’ offers the option to control smaller changes without the creation of a new version when a part moves from one production state to another.

Both revisions are created in the same way, but they are different in their interpretation. If the change affects the form, function, or fit of the part, it is considered a Major Revision. All the other changes can be classified as Minor Revision. This revision separation enables users to identify the scale of the change.

The minor revision is displayed as a number from 1 to infinitive. Together with ‘Major’, the ‘Minor Revisions’ create versions like A1, A2, A3, B1, etc. When you add a part to a change and create an express ECO or a simple MCO, you can choose ‘Minor Revise’ when you right-click on a part in the tab “Impart Matrix”. If you choose ‘Revise’, you create a major revision


  • Control smaller changes without creating new document versions
  • Manage the change order workflow in a more agile way
  • Avoid unnecessary amounts of document versions

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