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Minerva Import Tool

An effective, affordable and safe alternative to a CAD integration

Getting your CAD data into your PLM system can be a challenge in the implementation phase.

Having an automatic integration between the PLM system and CAD is an option, but it is often costly, and for many companies the number of CAD users is too low to justify the investment. If it is done manually, the risk of errors being made is quite significant.

To make an effective, affordable, and safe alternative to a CAD integration, Minerva has developed an Import Tool to import data into Minerva PLM.





Improve your data transfers

When using the Minerva Import Tool for data transfers you reduce the risk of human errors in the transfer and improve your efficiency. The Minerva Import Tool imports data from xls and csv into Minerva PLM.

Key benefits

  • The Tool supports imports of parts, BOM, and AML with future extensions
  • It automatically generates an ECO in Aras if the parts you are importing already exists in Minerva PLM or if you select the import to be done on a change order.
  • When running the Import Tool, an import analysis is made to decide which action will be performed in Minerva PLM with the import.
  • The Import Tool can be used to import both new parts and changes to existing parts in the PLM system.

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