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Manufacturing Process Planning

Bridge the gap between engineering and manufacturing

With today’s engineering environment, companies are looking for better ways to integrate their manufacturing processes. With Manufacturing Process Planner inside Minerva PLM, engineers can transform EBOM to MBOM while building the Bill of Process (BOP) into discreet steps. BOM reconciliation is made easy and embedded with shop floor ready assembly instructions.




Enable the digital thread

Author, analyze, and manage manufacturing process plans more efficiently and communicate them throughout your organization and extended enterprise more effectively. With Minerva PLM, you can align manufacturing plans quickly and intelligently based on changing product configurations.

Key benefits

Manufacturing process planning allows design and manufacturing engineers to develop product and manufacturing process definitions by removing time-consuming manual processes.

  • Change management feature enables manufacturers to react quickly to changes at any point of the design/build lifecycle
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual processes and costly EBOM/MBOM conflicts
  • Improve efficiency by synchronizing process plans, MBOMs and work instructions
  • Implement a digital thread with as-designed to as-planned traceability

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