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Malvern: From Scattered Data to One Central Information Hub


One million files or better said 1 terabyte – 1024 gigabytes of data.

That was roughly the amount of data scattered in literally every virtual corner of Malvern’s organization - from hard drives to e-mails and floppy disks. The vast quantities of unstructured information were the main factor behind their decision to find a system enabling a more structured way of centralizing the data.

Furthermore, Malvern´s constant growth - from 200 people to more than 1,000, in the past decade as well as their expansion having offices on three continents, reinforced the need for a scalable system flexible enough to adapt to all their processes and support their pursuit of success.

Download the Full Case Study

In the full version of the case study you can read how Malvern managed to spread information across their growing organization in a more efficient way