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Teledyne DALSA

Medical Device PLM gave Teledyne DALSA a head start in their product development

Problem Area:

Developing and producing more advanced products in a faster tempo, Teledyne DALSA saw a tremendous increase of product related data. The need for a more flexible and global product data management system increased. Being true pioneers in everything they do, Teledyne DALSA knew they should be proactive and improve even further.

“Documents were maintained in several places and they were not easily retrievable. There were chances for confusion or even mistakes. So, it was a lot of effort to find the proper document and be sure that it was the correct one. We wanted to improve that with the PLM system. “said Eric Hollants, Developer for X-ray detector for medical, dental and industrial applications at Teledyne DALSA.

Implementation process:

“The development process that we created with Minerva started with breaking down the whole development into smaller chunks, which also limited the complexity. The next step was to execute a workshop to define what we needed. Minerva would then supply to us based on the workshop and we would then test it on a test-database provided by Minerva..."


Teledyne DALSA is an international technology leader in sensing, imaging and specialized semiconductor fabrication with more than 30 years’ experience. Their focus on R&D and a drive for innovation has established them as a partner of choice for many big corporations, known for their high quality. 

The reason why we chose Minerva as our partner, is that they have industry-specific solutions like the Medical Device PLM® and Electronic PLM® solutions that provide us with a head start. These solutions save a lot of development time on our side.

Download the Full case study

Download the full Case study and get familiar with how the complete implementation processes for Teledyne DALSA looked like.