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From Paper to Digital Innovation

Problem Area:

Previously, the way they handled all their documentation was on file servers and on paper, which was an inefficient and complex process, resulting in errors and wasted time for searching. Further, Auditdata outsources and having physical papers being exchanged back and forth in the supply chain caused errors and longer order-placement process.


  • Inefficient flow of information exchange with outsourced production facility
  • Lack of visibility between data relationships
  • Time consuming process of finding relevant documents


  • Improved flexibility, which allows easy harmonisation and integration with other enterprise systems.
  • Dramatically shorter time-to-change order - from days to minutes
  • Better visibility and understanding of data relationships
  • Improved documentation search process


Ever since it was founded in 1992 by Clause Bak Petersen, Auditdata has been dedicated to the development of software application for the health sector, including modules for programming digital hearing instruments, and technical and administrative software systems covering all functions in a hearing clinic. Their primary goal is to eliminate one of the major issues Hospital-based hearing clinic flow has, namely, errors due to multiple systems with little to no synchronisation of data.


Before, I was spending a day or two for every design change. Now I spend two minutes. In the end, there is a lot of saving!

Download the Full case study

Read more about how Auditdata managed to solve inefficiency in the information exchange with their partners as well as internally.