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Minerva PLM for Medical Device

This is the solution many companies have chosen to optimize their processes

From managing requirements, compliance, designs, and change management to traceability and reporting, Minerva PLM for medical device companies is a flexible PLM software solution. Minerva PLM is packed with out-of-the-box features that ensure quick software implementation time and access to proven capabilities that support your business processes.

More than 20 years of medical device industry experience is converted into industry best practice capabilities inside Minerva PLM. Take advantage of Minerva’s deep knowledge of the medical device industry and proven practices from previous implementations with other medical device companies.


Business Improvements

Deep medical device industry knowledge put into best practice features inside Minerva PLM gives you several benefits as a business

  • Save time on preparing and conducting audits
  • Improve time-to-market for all products through deliverable driven project execution
  • Automate the creation, maintenance and baselining of regulatory structures such as DHF, DMR and Technical File
  • Fulfillment of medical device standards like 21 CFR Part 11 and FDA CFR 820
  • Quick implementation due to out-of-the-box features
  • Benefit from a subscription-based solution instead of a license model

 More than 2 decades of knowledge packaged in one place!

Our Clients share their stories

Case Study: Auditdata

Faced with the challenge to find documents and to make relationships between them, Auditdata needed a relational database, that would systemize documents and give a good overview of the relationships between different files.

Case Study: Teledyne DALSA

Developing and producing more advanced products in a faster tempo, Teledyne DALSA saw a tremendous increase of product related data. The need for a more flexible and global product data management system increased.

Case Study: Carestream Health

In the full version of this case study, you can read how the Minerva Medical Device PLM solution was implemented to improve Project Management, especially improving the management of deliverables for both medical and non-medical device projects.

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