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North Sea Electronics

North Sea Electronics Achieves Efficiency And Welcomes Success

Problem Area:

With time, the ambitious team behind North Sea Electronics, faced rapid growth in the size and number of projects. It became challenging to keep track of the latest documentation revisions. Clients would ask for the previous version of a component and due to the lack of lean structure they struggled finding it. Rather often, changes could not be traced or they were not noted, which led to an increase in product issuing errors. On top, ISO certification required a strict and detailed system capturing all changes made.


  • Inefficient way of keeping history of changes
  • Complicated and time-consuming Reviewing process for product design
  • ISO certification requirements for official documentation management system
  • Errors in Documentation collaboration and control processes


  • Efficiency of all product related processes
  • Achieved faster time to market
  • Improved access to different databases and modules by everyone
  • Simplification of manageability by customization and modification of the software


North Sea Electronics AS (NSE) specializes in the development of high temperature electronics for severe environments, such as downhole applications for the Oil and Gas industry. Due to the extreme conditions faced by their products, it is of great importance for NSE to have a good system for managing product revisions.

North Sea Electronics has significantly decreased product design error costs as well as increased product profitability by managing product development more effectively and efficiently with Electronic PLM. The improved visibility and reduced time necessary for product changes provides NSE with the opportunity to react faster to the ever-changing market and customer needs.

Our old system was missing an official review process that will lock the given revision of a product.
Aleksander Jazdzyk
COO at North Sea Electronics

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