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Minerva Electronic PLM

This is the solution many companies have used to optimise their processes

We know that your job is already hard enough. That is why we have developed Electronic PLM to support your growth, build upon our two decades of experience of optimizing processes for Electronic High-Tech organizations. The system is easy to implement and ready to go as it is. Our team of Business Analysts and Solution Architects has a wide range of the best and most complex Supply chains in the world and they are always ready to support you and help with customization.

Business Improvements

  • Time to Market - Streamlining the execution of the product development process
  • Efficiency - Making Product Data Management more effective to eliminate non-value-added administration work
  • Visibility - know what is happening to your product design and where is it in the processes
  • Master Data Management for all design  - One place to get total overview of the entire product record
  • Collaboration - improving internal and external collaboration
  • Change Management - Structured processes for change management specifically designed for the electronic industry
  • Traceability - Know what was the past product design and what changes have been made
  • Quality & Compliance - Extending into issues, NCR, CAPA and environmental compliance (RoHS, REACH)

Our Clients share their stories

Case Study: Mycronic

When their current PDM/PLM solution was reaching its end-of-life stage, Mycronic was looking to Aras Innovator to support their processes


Case Study: Vard Electro

Read the details how Vard Electro successfully transitioned to Minerva Electronic PLM and overcame their business challenges.

Case Study: Consilium

Consilium must meet the highest safety standards, and product documentation requirements. They experienced difficulties with keeping tack of data due to having it distributed on different IT systems and servers. Many areas were operating inefficiently.