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North Sea Electronics

Minerva Electronic PLM powers the growth at North Sea Electronics

North Sea Electronics improved their product-related processes and decreased the time to market by implementing Aras Innovator and Minerva Electronic PLM

Founded in 2007, North Sea Electronics is a Norwegian start-up company that specializes in the development of high-temperature electronics for downhole applications and subsea installations. Their products are used especially by companies in the Oil & Gas industries.

After a few years of organic growth at North Sea Electronics, the demand for their products increased. As the production volume also increased, the management realized the need for a system that could manage product revisions and documentation in a more structured and professional way.

 Among the challenges were:

  • No efficient document management, including revisions and track changes
  • Complicated and time-consuming review process for product design
  • Inefficient collaboration and control processes

Aleksander Jazdzyk, COO of North Sea Electronics explains further:

“It became challenging to keep track of the latest documentation revisions because all of our documentation was stored in files and folders on a server. Our BOM’s (Bill of Material) was kept in spreadsheets. The way we stored our data was neither safe nor easy to navigate in. Everybody with access to the server could easily change the data, and then the original data would be lost forever,” says Aleksander Jazdzyk and continues:

“We saw a clear need for a revision and approval system with the possibility to come back to revision at any given time. Also, we needed to streamline the production, for example, generate production files automatically from the design and not having to assemble various files from various places like bills of material here and mechanical CAD drawings there. We wanted to have everything in one place, press a button and get a zip file generated,” says Aleksander Jazdzyk.

Next step was to find a fitting solution

With the challenges described and requirements in mind, Aleksander Jazdzyk searched for the right solution to their need. But he did not search for long before the right solution came up. 

"We just googled “open-source PDM” and found Aras’ website. We read about Aras Innovator and downloaded the software and tried it. We liked it and decided that it was the solution for us. We knew that we needed an implementation partner. The closest partner was Minerva in Denmark, so naturally, we asked them for help,” says Aleksander Jazdzyk, COO at North Sea Electronics.

In short, North Sea Electronics achieved the following:

  • Efficiency in all product-related processes
  • Faster time to market for their products
  • Improved access to different databases and modules for the staff and external collaborators

With Aras Innovator and Minerva Electronic PLM as an add-on solution, both engineers and management at North Sea Electronics now manages their product development more effectively and efficiently. That has led to significantly decreased product design error costs and increased product profitability.

And because all data is connected in one system, Aleksander Jazdzyk can press a button and generate a zip-file.

“Today, when I enter Aras and open a certain design, immediately I can see whether it is approved or not. If it is approved, I can right-click and generate a production package in two minutes and receive a zip-file which I know is approved for manufacturing. That saves me a minimum of 25 minutes per purchase operation,” says Aleksander Jazdzyk.

Our old system was missing an official review process that will lock the given revision of a product.
Aleksander Jazdzyk
COO at North Sea Electronics

Download the full case study here:

Want to read more about how North Sea Electronics saved time and money by switching to Aras and Minerva Electronic PLM?

In the full case study you can read more about the implementation process, the on-going collaboration with Minerva and details on all the business values, North Sea Electronics has achieved.