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Aras Innovator forms the backbone of Mycronic's data flow

When their current PDM/PLM solution was reaching its end-of-life stage, Mycronic was looking to Aras Innovator to support their processes

Mycronic is at the forefront of the electronics industry. The Swedish company creates world-leading production solutions for the electronics assembly, display and packaging industries. Solutions that are used in flat screen TV’s and displays, medical implants and interplanetary space technology equipment, just to name a few examples.

Up until 2016, Mycronic was using ENOVIA SmarTeam as their PDM/PLM solution, but the internal group ICT department at Mycronic started to question the functionalities of the current system. And as the software was nearing its end-of-life stage, the department looked for suitable solutions to replace the legacy system that was soon to be phased out.

“The problem with the old system was that it was not fulfilling the architecture that we needed. As we are a growing company, we depend on efficient collaboration with our different sites around the world. We knew that we had to switch system to something more comprehensive and modern,” says Claes Klang, PLM Application Manager at Mycronic.

Among the challenges were:

  • Difficult to collaborate and share data with internal and external partners
  • Unable to integrate process-related workflows into the old system
  • Unstructured change management workflows

After evaluating several solutions, Mycronic chose to go with Aras Innovator.

“We were able to download, get training and through our organization prove to ourselves that the Aras solution had the flexibility, we require. We felt comfortable with the effort required for making changes and the functionality out of the box”, says Britta-Karin Spåls, CIO at Mycronic.

Especially the subscription model was interesting for Mycronic.

“We liked the licensing model of Aras. The other systems have this named-user licensing model. In Aras, you can purchase bundle licenses to start with and expand slowly from there. That is a match for us because we continue to grow our personnel and need flexibility,” says Claes Klang.

Mycronic chose Aras Innovator to standardize the management of product data, design and development processes. 

With Aras Innovator, Mycronic has achieved:

  • Improved workflow handling capabilities
  • Seamless collaboration with internal as well as external partners
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness in especially change management workflows

”Overall, we are quite satisfied. As we see it now it has been a quite successful and quite fast implementation. I think that Aras is a very scalable and flexible system, and I think it is a solution that has the future for it,” concludes Claes Klang, PLM Application Manager at Mycronic.

In the old system we were not working with processes, but more with PDM functionalities. In Aras, we now have taken advantage over the workflow handling capabilities, so we now have five or six workflow handlings for different change managements. That is a huge improvement to our workflow.
Claes Klang
PLM Application Manager at Mycronic

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