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Flexibility is key for Consilium

Problem Area:

Operating in a high-tech industry, Consilium must meet the highest safety standards and product documentation requirements. They experienced difficulties with keeping track of data due to having it distributed on different IT systems and servers. Many areas were operating inefficiently. Even though the employees managed to extract information, it was not always the most relevant. Furthermore, the process of data extraction took too long.

Due to heavy regulations, Consilium had to manage and document all changes in products throughout their lifetime as well as to optimize their certification management, which used to be an extremely time-consuming manual process.


  • Lack of overall visibility of product data
  • Difficult and time-consuming product documentation management
  • Extremely time-consuming manual certification process


  • Better control by full traceability on every component
  • Higher efficiency allowing R&D engineers to spend more time on engineering rather than on documentation management
  • More transparency and better turnaround times on reviews and assessments
  • Better defined cost structure
  • Improved Change management and visibility of product development processes


The Swedish company Consilium specializes in niche markets that have high security requirements within the global transport sector, offshore industries and oil and gas. With safety as the common denominator, the company has positioned itself as the market leader in fire and gas detection systems for the marine sector as well as safety and automation systems for land transportation units and large industrial buildings.

Previously, our certification management was done manually, and if you have manual processes, you have the human effect – one can make mistakes. With all data now in Aras, we can do the assessments much more efficiently and with better turnaround times. Bottom line is that we save a lot of time!

Magnus Erenstedt, Development Manager at Consilium Safety and Marine AB

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Read how Consilium solve their issues with lack of visibility and improved efficiency in their certification processes.