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Aras Accelerates Innovation at Magna GETRAG


Previously, the company began to deploy a conventional PDM system in engineering with the intent to convert to a broader enterprise-wide PLM scope over time. In the design organization, the CAD designers used CATIA V5. The functionality necessary to move from PDM for CAD file management to the global PLM scale required linking all of the product-related documents with the multi-discipline bill of materials for each transmission system, however, this proved overly complicated nd financially infeasible. The PDM to PLM deployment was forced to stop due to the implementation complexities and the significant PLM licensing expenses that would be incurred with the addition of the required PLM modules and the vast number of users across the enterprise.


Today Aras is the central key to coordinating the overall development process. Developers plan their tasks, for example recording requirements, and move through workflows in the PLM solution.

The next processes that were automated were the prototype approval process and budget planning process for product development. Both of these processes involved complicated workflows and were manually performed using Excel which was time consuming and mistake prone, since they involved a wide variety of different personnel from across the company including engineering, operations, procurement, finance, sales and the product development project management office (PMO).


Magna is a leading global automotive supplier with 285 manufacturing operations and 83 product development, engineering and sales centers in 29 countries. Magna has over 125,000 employees focused on delivering superior value to customers through innovative processes and World Class Manufacturing.

Our business requirements must be implemented in weeks not years. Our business strategy can't wait for an extended IT process that results in a ‘big bang’ systems implementation. That’s why we started with small, high impact projects based on Aras to support specific processes that are critical our competitiveness.
Rolf Huesemann
the PLM project manager at Magna GETRAG

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Read why Manta's future target is to continue to bring more processes into the global Aras environment and retire additional legacy systems.