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L3 TRL Technology

L3 TRL boosted their ability to continually improve business processes

Problem Area:

L3 TRL’s flexibility comes largely from the fact that they have retained the ethos of a smaller company, where relationship building is paramount. However, with flexibility the product development process grew more complex. Managing different products’ data as well as searching for the latest version became more chaotic and time consuming.

“Looking at the way product data was managed, we realized we used a lot of disparate tools and many Excel sheets. Trying to align the product data was a very manual, time consuming process.” said Brian Smith, Head of PLM at L3 TRL.

In order to keep fulfilling their mission for being partner of choice for global Defence, Security and Civil organizations, a team of L3 TRL engineering specialists prepared a business case showing how their business challenges can be met and fundamental issues tackled with success:

“The fundamental issue was that there were inefficient processes and a reliance on job knowledge that was required to integrate those processes and the data.” said Brian Smith, Head of PLM at L3 TRL.


  • Product data management was a very manual and time consuming process
  • From configuration management perspective, defining a complete product baseline was complex and very time consuming
  • Many inefficient processes required a lot of job knowledge to integrate the data
  • Legacy data storage meant it was time consuming to find documents and data, meaning that over the course of a day Engineers could spend a lot of time locating the right information


  • Improved configuration management processes
  • Improved search capability
  • Ability to continually improve business processes to meet the needs of the business
  • Maintaining the momentum and continuing to execute the roadmap


L3 TRL Technology, part of the leading US defense supplier L3 Technologies, is an agile UK-based company operating in the fields of electronic warfare and cyber security. Working in partnership with civil and defense organizations, L3 TRL defends against evolving and emerging threats worldwide.

We went conservative on the benefits we said we would realize. We also described some of the other potential benefits that we believed would be seen but until we could enable the processes and see the actual demand throughput we would not have a quantifiable benefit.
Brian Smith
Head of PLM at L3 TRL.

Download the Full case study

Read how L3 TRL improved their configuration management processes and search capabilities by implementing Electronic PLM® by Minerva.