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Esterline Racal

Esterline Racal Acoustics reached a 600% efficiency saving by implementing Electronic® PLM and Aras

Problem Area:

Racal Acoustics serves a global customer base with unique needs in various dynamically changing markets. Operating in an industry driven by innovation requires a high level of efficiency of processes and responsiveness to the new technologies in the niche. Thus, it was of high importance for the Racal Acoustics´ team to eliminate all ineffective procedures that don´t add value and that increase the time to market of their products.

With the growth of their portfolio, they increased the volume of data and files they had to work with. Frequently, assembly information was lost due to splitting the information into different files. Further, the need for CAD management, along with PLM, for configuration management was greater than ever.


  • Assembly information loss
  • Long product release time
  • Time consuming processes not adding enough value for the time spent
  • Need for CAD management tool along with PLM to track all part numbers:


  • 6 times more efficient management of electronic drawings
  • Faster time to market
  • Better traceability of part numbers and parts in general
  • Increased process efficiency


Racal Acoustics products, part of the Esterline Corporation, include in-the-ear headsets, medium-noise and high-noise headsets, press-to-talk devices, field telephones, and handsets, all specially tailored to military, paramilitary, and first responder markets. Further, satisfying their clients´ unique operation issues, by addressing their needs with features tailored specifically to the exact end-user, makes them a preferred partner for many elite companies.

We predicted about a 600% efficiency saving in the management of electronic drawings and I believe we have achieved something similar to that. If we pull a product from the past and try to do modification on it, the improvement is even higher than 600.

Jamie Griffin, Operations and Engineering Director at Racal Acoustics

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