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One solution for various industries

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) combines data, processes and business systems, and provides a fully integrated, multidisciplinary solution. It is a tool that supports companies, enabling them to improve their supply chain efficiency by getting a better overview and gaining control over all of the processes and information exchange within the organization.

It enables companies from a wide range of industries to get better products to market more quickly, while improving processes and reducing risk and cost.

Aras Innovator® is a PLM platform that is flexible to individual needs and at the same time manages complexity at all levels. The system offers full support throughout each stage of production - from cradle to the grave –  while handling the extended supply chain.

Medical Device Industry - Word from our Customers

There is a constant pressure on Medical Device companies to keep up with the latest regulatory legislations and at the same time to maintain optimized workflow. The fear of failing to comply with regulations has forced some of them to adopt an inefficient work structure, which results in higher costs and less budget for Innovation and New Product Development.

Faced with the challenge of decreasing time-to-market and decreasing costs in all levels, calls for better data management and information exchange efficiency. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a tool supporting better workflow practices, document management, compliance with regulations, and optimizing scarce resources allocation. Aras Innovator® is an Opensource PLM platform that is flexible to individual needs and at the same time manages complexity in all levels.

Case Study: Auditdata

Faced with the challenge to find documents and to make relationships between them, Auditdata needed a relationional database, that would systemize documents and give a good overview of the relationships between different files.

Case Study: Teledyne DALSA

Developing and producing more advanced products in a faster tempo, Teledyne DALSA saw a tremendous increase of product related data. The need for a more flexible and global product data management system increased.

Case Study: Malvern

1 million files, that was roughly the amount of data scattered in literally every virtual corner of Malvern's organization - from hard drives to e-mails and floppy disks. The vast quantities of unstructured information were the main factor behind their decision to find a system enabling a more structured way of centralizing the data.

Electronic Industry - Word from our Clients

Operating in an industry driven by innovation requires a high level of efficiency in processes and responsiveness to the new technologies in the niche. Complying with the highest safety standards and product documentation requirements, and keeping track of the latest documentation revisions are daily disciplines for many businesses. The industry price sensitivity and strict regulatory legislations require the right tool to smooth information flow and to manage both internal and external product-related processes in the best possible way.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a tool that supports companies to enable them to improve their supply chain efficiency by getting a better overview and increased control over all processes and information exchange within the organization. Aras Innovator® is an Opensource PLM platform that is flexible to individual needs and at the same time manages complexity at all levels.

Case Study: Micropower

 In the past, all product data was spread out over a lot of different databases and files were saved in libraries on different servers, which led to a highly time-consuming process of data extraction. Micropower to action!

Case Study: North Sea Electronics

Keeping track of the latest documentation revisions, finding previous component versions, and an increase in production issuing errors, were some of the challenges North Sea Electronics faced in the past. How to overcome them?


Case Study: Consilium

Consilium must meet the highest safety standards, and product documentation requirements. They experienced difficulties with keeping track of data due to having it distributed on different IT systems and servers. Many areas were operating inefficiently.

Aerospace & Defense Industry - Word from our clients

The aerospace and defense industry is undergoing intense pressure to optimize the product development and manufacturing processes, managing risks and costs while at the same time delivering high-quality products that comply with rigorous geographic regulatory requirements, complex security issues and strict quality standards.

The demand for higher efficiency and the increased complexity of the product development cycles requires a fundamental digital transformation of Product Lifecycle Management.

Aras Innovator® is an Opensource PLM platform that is full-featured, flexible, scalable and supports engineering and manufacturing throughout the plant. It can be customized to individual needs and at the same time manages complexity in all levels.

Case Study: Aeronamic

Dealing with complex high-tech products makes it crucial for Aeronamic to find a platform that complies with all the specialized work processes and with industry specific regulation requirements.

Case Study: L3 TRL

While growing as an organization, managing different products’ data as well as searching for the latest version became more chaotic and time consuming. Being true to their proactive culture, L3 TRL found a solution. Read more about their implementation journey.

Case Study: Esterline Racal Acoustics

It was of high importance for the Racal Acoustics´ team to eliminate all ineffective procedures that don´t add value and that increase the time to market of their products. Electronic PLM implementation was the right solution.

Automotive Industry - Word from Users

Companies operating in the Automotive Industry are pressured to design and develop vehicles in very short times with globally dispersed teams. Combined with the strict CAFÉ requirements and industry regulations, the need for a system handling all challenges of managing electronics and software grows tremendously.

Unlike the traditional PLM systems, focusing on 3D mechanical design, Aras offers a fundamentally different approach. The Aras Innovator® is flexible and scalable software supporting automotive companies drive digital transformation, connect global product development across mechanical, electrical, electronic and software disciplines, manage complex BOMs and support global manufacturing.

Case Study: Kawasaki

Learn how Kawasaki Heavy Industries approaches improved collaboration across engineering disciplines and greater efficiencies in product development.

Case Study: Freudenberg-NOK

Learn how Freudenberg-NOK has improved APQP new product program management with Lean product development with Aras to achieve more successful new products launches.

Industrial Manufacturing - Word from Users

Industrial manufacturers are constantly pressured to innovate and produce more complex products faster. At the same time, they should comply with the latest regulations, which grow more and more strict, improve supplier relationships, manage materials and components to bring higher quality products to the market. Having a clear overview and managing both internal and external processes enables organizations to focus on innovation rather than waste time on paperwork and searching for the latest versions.

Aras Innovator® supports manufacturers to improve processes across the entire lifecycle of a product and remove those with no-value added. It helps them securely manage creation, change and archive of information from all popular MCAD and ECAD systems as well as fully integrates links to part and BOM structures.

Case Study: MEILLER

Learn how F.X. Meiller migrated to a modern PLM platform and accelerated performance for large-scale multi-CAD management.

Case Study: Carlisle Brake & Friction

Learn how Carlisle Brake & Friction, a global OEM serving automotive, aerospace, industrial manufacturing and other sectors, streamlines data management, project management, workflow, test information management.

Slides: Akrapovič

See how Akrapovič takes advantage of Aras's flexible platform to connect with their SAP interface and extend core functionality.